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Press Release

Case Breakers, Inc. Runs Down Criminals Online
Internet-Based Background Checks Go Global

CORAL SPRINGS, FL, Sept. 7, 2003 - Turn on nearly any television talk show and you'll hear horror stories of abusive babysitters, thieving housekeepers, and con artists that prey on lonely widows. The stories are all too common, the victims devastated. But short of hiring a private investigator to perform costly surveillance and background checks, what can average people do to avoid becoming victims themselves?

The answer is surprisingly simple: turn to the Internet. Today there is a new breed of public records services blending traditional investigative techniques with the convenience of online ordering, at a cost that is surprisingly affordable.

Leading the pack is Case Breakers, Inc. (, a three-year-old public records search firm based in Florida. The company initially offered criminal records and sex offender checks at the county, state and national level, but has since grown to include full international personal and professional background checks, people searches, pre-employment screening and a wide range of criminal record checks. All searches are performed by the Case Breakers staff, which provides prompt service - in some cases, just a few hours - and delivers results to the client via a secure online report manager interface, fax or postal mail.

It all sounds great, but do the services really work? Case Breakers certainly does. The company's connections allow it to dig up the most obscure - and sometimes disturbing - information about anyone. Name changes, drunk driving convictions, bankruptcies, outstanding warrants, even personal associates and past addresses: all are fair game for Case Breakers.

What about the legal issues? Well, there aren't any. Case Breakers searches are all perfectly legal because the company stays within the realm of public information, here in the U.S. and in foreign countries from Antigua to Yugoslavia. So if your new business associate has a criminal past in, say, Korea or Saudi Arabia, you'll know about it. If that new daycare center down the street is run by a convicted felon, Case Breakers will give you all the information you need to keep your kids safe. And as for the criminals and con artists: they can run, as the old saying goes, but they can't hide -- at least not from Case Breakers.

Public Record Reports Now Available To Consumers
Startup Provides Web-Enabled Access to Key Security Data

CORAL SPRINGS, FL (October 4, 2000) - Ever felt worried about someone? Not quite sure about who you were dealing with? Suspicious that something might be horribly wrong -- but not sure what? In the old days, you had few choices except hiring an expensive investigator or living with the nagging doubt. The Internet was supposed to change all that, providing access to the kind of information that would replace fear with security.

Well, it didn't. For all the efforts to create a confidence infrastructure in cyberspace, there still hasn't been a bridge to the mundane, everyday world of security and law enforcement that has been around for decades.

Until now. And that's where Case Breakers ( comes in. The Internet-based criminal research platform puts a surprisingly powerful resource at the fingertips of Internet users everywhere: the vast database which is stored, spaghetti-like, across various county, state, and federal criminal related records.

Case Breakers takes the world of criminal background checks and other basic off-line security data, and makes it accessible through an easy-to-use Web interface. Private investigator material only? Hardly. The Case Breakers access service is the most basic form of background check around, letting anyone verify the credibility of the people they meet -- offline or on.

That's what makes the Case Breakers offering unique -- and the company knows it. They just rolled out an affiliate program which lets webmasters and the rest of the e-commerce sector incorporate its product line into their web offerings for a cash commission. The site itself features online ordering and delivery of background reports, password-secure access, and a secure personalized report folder where users can save or delete their reports.

Targeted content? Well, yes. Online database? No doubt. But Case Breakers is something more than a few e-commerce buzzwords strung together. Its security technology is helping bridge online and offline worlds. And that makes things safer for all of us.

Low-Cost, High Tech ID Kits Help Parents, Groups Focus On Child Safety
Case Breakers, Inc. introduces Child ID fingerprinting, DNA collection kits

CORAL SPRINGS, FL, Sept. 20, 2003 - David Scott can help any parent make their kids safer - in just five minutes. That's because Scott's company, Case Breakers, Inc. (, has just introduced Child ID Kits, an inexpensive and simple way for parents to get their children’s unique identifying characteristics on file.

Created to be quick, affordable and easy to use, each Child ID Kit includes a fingerprinting kit, two sterile cotton swabs, one DNA isolation card, a plastic sleeve for final storage, and step-by-step instructions for parents. The kits are recommended by law enforcement and produce forensic-quality DNA samples that can be used to build a genetic profile or verify DNA evidence if the child is ever missing. The kit is available through ( for $8.95 and takes most parents about five minutes to complete with their children.

"With a proactive approach to child safety, every parent can make his or her kids safer," said Scott. "Awareness and education are two key factors in child safety. The third is preparedness. We all hope it never happens in our family, but if a child does turn up missing, Child ID Kits go a long way toward preparing parents and their law enforcement officials to find that child quickly."

The Child ID Kit's ease of use and value to parents also make it a good choice for school or club fundraisers, educational promotions and giveaways. Case Breakers, Inc. offers bulk pricing on the kits for interested organizations. "When used as a fundraiser, the kits can easily be sold for $10.00. Since an organization’s cost can be as low as $2.95 per kit, their profit starts to add up quickly. Plus, they have the benefit of knowing they're providing a real service to their neighborhood. Since we have a low minimum order, a group of just about any size can benefit," explained Scott. "At a time when missing children seem to be constantly in the news, wouldn't it be a great feeling to know that your organization is doing something concretely helpful, while still raising needed funds?

Case Breakers, Inc. Introduces Forensic-Quality Child ID Kits
At-home fingerprinting, DNA samples help parents safeguard children

CORAL SPRINGS, FL, Sept. 20, 2003 - Each year, nearly 800,000 children are reported missing. The vast majority haven't been fingerprinted since birth and have never had samples of their DNA taken. And that makes it even harder for law enforcement to find them. Now Case Breakers, Inc. ( has introduced the Child ID Kit, a way for parents everywhere to record and safely store their children’s vital information - and to put it at the fingertips of law enforcement, should the unthinkable ever happen.

"It's a different world today than it was when we were kids," said David Scott, founder and president of Case Breakers, Inc. "We're constantly hearing about children being snatched from the street, from their yards, from their own bedrooms. We all pray it never happens to our children, but if it does, the Child ID Kit gives investigators a leg up on finding them."

Recommended by law enforcement, each Child ID Kit includes a fingerprinting kit, two sterile cotton swabs, one DNA isolation card, a plastic sleeve for final storage, and easy-to-use instructions for parents. The resulting DNA sample is of forensic quality and can be used to build a genetic profile or verify DNA evidence if the child is ever missing. The kit is available through for $8.95 and takes most parents about five minutes to complete with their children.

David decided to add the Child ID Kits to his site after hearing one too many stories of missing children. "It seems like we can't turn on the news without hearing about someone's son or daughter disappearing," he explained. "It's up to all of us to do what we can to prevent other kids from becoming victims. The Child ID Kits are my way of making it easy for parents to get their little ones' unique identifying information on file. No one wants to think about a child turning up missing - but if it happens, the information parents collect with these kits is their best bet for helping law enforcement bring their kids home safe and sound.